Dear Parents, dear Pupils,

Your are cordially invited to the Secondary School Open Day of Ecole Internationale le Verseau-ELCE which will take place on Sunday 10th December between 10am and 4pm.

For future parents and their children, the Open Day is the opportunity to receive information prior to an enrolment and to have a guided tour of the school.

For all parents and students who are already in the school, it is the chance to receive information about optional subjects in 3rd and 5th year as well as meeting for brunch, organised in collaboration with the APPA (Parents’ Association).   

You are all welcome to visit when you please during the day to hear the presentations and to go to the different classrooms to speak to teachers who teach certain courses or who organise various activities in the Secondary section.  Parents of children who are not already enrolled in the school will be offered guided tours.

Information sessions, presented by the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher, will take place as follows (each meeting will be organised twice during the day to enable as many parents and children to attend as possible) :

  • 10.15am Information for future parents of 1st Year (Study Hall)
  • 11am Information about options in 3rd Year (Agora)
  • 12 noon Information about options in 5th Year (Agora)
  • 1pm Information for future parents of 1st Year (Study Hall)
  • 2pm Information about options in 3rd Year (Agora)
  • 3pm Information about options in 5th Year (Agora)

The teachers will be accompanied by students who will act as guides for the families who are visiting the school, to answer any questions or to talk about their school subjects and any activities in which they take part.  

Please note that this School Open Day replaces the traditional information evenings which used to take place in January or February.  It is, therefore, very important to attend in order to receive all the relevant information about an enrolment in 1st Year and/or 3rd and 5th Year options.