Government simulations provide an incredible learning experience for the students, enhancing a large range of skills including research, negotiation, public speaking, and knowledge of European and international politics and the decision-making process. The time spent in preparation and at the conferences also provides the accompanying teachers the unique opportunity to work closely with students on a project that engages them intellectually and emotionally, allowing us to get to know and appreciate them outside the classroom.

Participation in MEP and MUN is open to all students in years 5 and 6. We meet every Friday after school starting from mid-September to the end of January to prepare for the conferences. During these sessions, we discuss the topics and coach the students in their research, but a lot of time is also spent on learning how to debate, how to write clauses and how to make amendments.

Nearly every year at least one “oldie” joins us every Friday to act as mentor to the students and help guide them through the research and debating process. They provide invaluable assistance and are truly great role models for all participants.

MEP – Model  European Parliament

Organized by Afnorth International School in The Netherlands, this is a relatively small conference which involves approximately 300-350 students from various European countries. The conference takes place over a 3-day weekend at the beginning of November (usually corresponding with the All Saints’ Holiday).

Delegates represent a country and one of the 5 main political parties in the EU; each delegate belongs to one of four committees and debates on the topic chosen for that committee. 

Once a student has acted as delegate at MEP, they are eligible to apply for a leadership role as student officer; several of our students have been selected for these roles – either to Chair a committee or to act as Faction leader of one of the political parties. This extra responsibility of course requires extra time and work, but it is a lot of fun AND it looks great on your CV!

Le Verseau has earned a very positive reputation at MEP, and each year some of our delegates are given the ‘Best Speaker’ award. We have also won the ‘Best Delegation’ award in 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2019.

MUN – Model United Nations

Le Verseau has been participating in The Hague International Model United Nations since 2006. Recognized as the first, largest and most prestigious MUN conference for high school students in the world, we are just one of a few hundred delegations which take part in an organization in which nearly 3500 students from around the world participate each year.

As the MEP and MUN Director since 2002, I would like to thank Le Verseau for continuing to promote and support this fantastic program which has proven enriching and rewarding for dozens of students over the years.